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"Great work, really enhanced the song and elevated all the subtle details."

"Great job, the guy's a fantastic mixer, strictly professional, enlist his services immediately."

"Awesome work, song sounds much better now."

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About Me

Thanks for checking out my site. Here's a little about me and what I'm doing here.

I've been playing music in bands and recording musicians since I was a kid in high school. When I first started out, I had no idea what I was doing, and my only tools were a few cheap microphones and a borrowed 4-track recorder that didn't work. It was frustrating, but I was learning a ton.

Over the years I started to develop my recording skills, and began to hone-in on the elements that make an audio recording really stand out. Whether it's a singer-songwriter on an acoustic guitar, or an electronic musician on a synth, there's something almost magical about sound that is recorded well. It can transport you into the mind of the musician, or take you away to someplace you never knew existed. Recording is an incredible art.

I made this site because Audio Mastering seems to be a step in the recording process that's too often overlooked. Bands often will invest valuable time tracking an album, yet not consider professional mastering on the final recording. It just doesn't make sense.

Audio Mastering is what makes recordings have that professional, polished, shiny sound. If you've ever wondered why your tracks aren't as "loud" as a pro cd track, it's because you haven't done mastering. That's my job.

Everything I do is guaranteed, so you can always get your money back if you aren't satisfied. I'm not doing this for money. I have a day job. I'm doing this because I love audio recording, and I want to help make pro mastering affordable to bands and musicians like me.

That's it. Shoot me a email if you want to know any more.

-Ben Martin

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